Enterprise Systems Management

Intelligent Management Solution for demanding times
In today's fast-changing and competitive world, it is absolutely essential to integrate your IT infrastructure and manage it efficiently. Technology is changing by the day and diverse systems, which are more complex than ever, are available. To compound the problem, it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to find, hire and retain skilled people.
Automation is therefore the need of the hour. Automation can:

  • Reduce management complexity so that assets can be utilized better
  • Lower costs
  • Improve service level delivery by automatically scaling up system resources to meet unanticipated service demand and reducing human errors that often lead to service outages.

Intelligent management software can help you realize maximum business value by integrating, managing, and securing your e-business infrastructures and processes end-to-end.
We help businesses evolve from focusing on the fundamental demands of e-business to the more complex requirements of an on-demand world. This we do by adopting the most open standards of any systems management software provider today, and providing integrated data warehouse technology that leverages infrastructure performance data gathered from across the organization.

Avnet Key Facts

  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Founded: 1921 (by Charles Avnet)
  • CEO: Bill Amelio
  • Global Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ranked #102 on the FORTUNE 500 in 2016
  • Named to the FORTUNE “World’s Most Admired Companies®” 2016 list, 10th year in a row
  • 100,000+ customers worldwide
  • 18,000+ employees
  • 800+ suppliers
  • 300+ locations


Why Choose Avnet?

  • Avnet is an efficient and cost-effective sales and marketing channel helping suppliers reach a broad base of customers
  • Avnet’s state-of-the-art logistics system manage a high volume of transactions and complex information flows to ensure accurate and timely product delivery
  • Avnet is an efficient manager of more than 300,000 unique parts in the technology supply chain
  • Avnet’s value-added solutions for design chain management help customers reduce cycle time and lower costs
  • Avnet’s experienced technical customer support teams ensure the highest quality solutions and product are utilized by the customer